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Found at the hindquarter of the pig, this area consists of the topside, rump, silverside and knuckle. Very versatile cut, used for Ham, Salami and Prosciutto to name a few.


Found on the lower part of the leg above the trotter. The forequarter hock is smaller than the hindquarter hock but retains great flavour and tenderness.


Below the hock, they are the feet of the pig. Trotter’s are often used in cooking to make stocks, as they add thickness to gravy although they are also served as a normal cut of meat.


Part of the head, the ears are often used in different types of cuisine from all over the world.


A delicious snack or part of a meal, they hold delicious flavour.


Found on the forequarter of the pig, the shoulder is a delicious cut of the animal and is generally used is slow cooking or smoking.


Or “scotch”, this cut has incredible marbling and flavour. The deboned neck is a versatile all-rounder which is used in many styles of cooking..


Cut along the backbone of the pig, the loin is delicate in flavour and extremely tender. You find the tenderloin and loin muscle in this area as well as the ribs. Can be cut as medallions or steaks or left on the bone for Rack, Cutlets and T Bones.


Prized for its fat to meat ratio and juiciness, the belly is found in the lower belly region of the pig below the ribs.