Lamb //

Our all natural, prime lamb from Sovereign, is raised in the pristine Goldfields region of Victoria, Australia.

Rich and fertile, it is some of the finest lamb producing country in the world. The pure lamb genetics and the natural feeding regime of lush pastures, clean water and air, produces meat with a tender texture and a mild flavour, unlike any other.

The highest quality gourmet lamb; every cut is outstanding, from the elegant rack to the boneless leg roast.


Very juicy and packed with flavour, this part of the lamb is found over the forequarters and neck of the animal.

Fore Quarter Shank

The smaller of the two shanks (hindquarter being the other) this is found on the front legs of the lamb. A popular winter’s dish, this cut offers a sweet and dense lamb flavour and ideal for slow cooking.


The ribs run along the length of the rib cage with a layer of meat that’s tender and flavorful, they make for such good eating right off the bone.


Cut perpendicularly to the spine with usually 8 ribs. The lamb rack is the most tender, lean meat when trimmed of exterior fat, best served medium rare.


This part of the lamb is particularly flavoursome and sold as either a neck fillet or with the bone in.

Hind Quarter Shank

The larger of the two shanks (forequarter being the other) this is found on the back legs of the lamb.


Made up of the backstrap and tenderloin. Delicate in flavour and extremely tender.


The rump (or chump) is found at the top of the hindquarter leg. When roasted and rested, it is very tender with a lot of flavour. There is a layer of fat and skin on the top which crisps up beautifully when cooked. This can be removed before or after cooking.


Consisting of the topside, silverside and knuckle and shank. The leg of lamb has a wonderful flavour and cooking slowly results in tender meat that melts in the mouth – this is the traditional Sunday roast.