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Chris Du Plessis

Managing Director

e: chris@originmeat.com.au

I started Origin Meat with the intention of only offering the very best meat Australasia can offer. No short cuts, no quick fixes. Just uncompromised quality.

I have learnt over the years that discerning chefs recognise this quality and at the same time demand guarantees of constant availability and right on time service.

It has taken years to build the rapport we have with our farmers at Origin. And we hope, the endorsement that our chefs provide, reflect clearly that we deliver that quality right through from pasture to plate.

Richard Park

Operations Director

e: richard@originmeat.com.au

Richard makes the magic happen at Origin Meat. A foundation member of the team, Richard has been instrumental in the growth of the company.

We grew up in the same small farming community on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. We parted ways as kids, only to be reunited with a chance meeting on Wentworth Ave in Botany – and the two mates from Waikanae were reunited!

In that time apart, Richard had become an accomplished chef, running large kitchens in Wellington, Christchurch and Sydney. It is this knowledge of running multifaceted kitchen operations combined with a passion for meat that gives him the ability to think fast and act with accuracy.

Fenny Kusomen

Financial Manager

e: fenny@originmeat.com.au

Fenny is a valued member of the team. Known and loved by everyone at Origin for her smiling face and tough stances on all things Finance.

Fenny came to us from the dark arts of vegetables and fruit. During that time she gained immense knowledge of the perishable food industry.

Her no nonsense attitude combined with an almost savant knowledge of numbers ensures everyone at Origin gets paid and that our suppliers love us!